How can I prevent my lipstick from feathering?

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How can I prevent my lipstick from feathering?

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by shyanne , a year ago


There are several steps you can take to prevent your lipstick from feathering or smudging:

  1. Exfoliate your lips: Before applying lipstick, make sure your lips are smooth and flake-free. Gently exfoliate with a lip scrub or a soft toothbrush to remove any dead skin.
  2. Moisturize your lips: Dry lips can cause lipstick to settle into lines and feather. Apply a lip balm or moisturizer before applying lipstick to keep your lips hydrated and plump.
  3. Use a lip primer: Apply a lip primer or a thin layer of foundation and set it with a translucent powder to create a smooth and even base for your lipstick. This helps prevent feathering and enhances the longevity of the color.
  4. Apply lip liner: Use a lip liner that matches your lipstick shade or opt for a clear lip liner. Outline your lips with the liner and fill them in completely. This creates a barrier and helps prevent feathering.
  5. Choose long-lasting or matte formulas: Lipsticks with long-lasting or matte formulas tend to have less feathering. These formulas often have more staying power and stay in place without transferring or bleeding.
  6. Apply lipstick with a brush: Using a lip brush allows for more precision and control during application. Start from the center of the lips and blend outward towards the corners, ensuring an even and defined application.
  7. Blot and set: After applying lipstick, blot your lips gently with a tissue to remove excess product. Then, lightly dust a translucent powder over your lips to set the lipstick and prevent feathering.
  8. Avoid touching your lips: Frequent touching or rubbing of your lips can cause the lipstick to smear or feather. Try to be conscious of this habit and avoid touching your lips throughout the day.

By following these tips, you can help prevent your lipstick from feathering and keep your lip color looking sharp and precise.