How does a portable charger charge a mobile device?

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How does a portable charger charge a mobile device?

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A portable charger, also known as a power bank, charges a mobile device using its built-in battery power. Here's a general overview of the charging process:

  1. Power Bank Input: You charge the power bank by connecting it to a power source, usually through a dedicated charging cable or through a USB port.
  2. Battery Storage: The power bank stores the electrical energy received from the charger in its internal battery cells. The capacity of the power bank is generally measured in mAh (milliampere-hours), representing the amount of energy it can store.
  3. Output Connection: When your mobile device needs to be charged, you connect it to the power bank using a compatible charging cable. Most power banks provide USB ports or other types of charging connectors.
  4. Charging Process: Once the power bank is connected to your mobile device, it transfers the stored energy from its battery to the device. The power bank regulates the electrical flow and voltage to match the requirements of the connected mobile device.
  5. Battery Charging: The mobile device's internal battery starts receiving electrical energy from the power bank, effectively charging it. The power bank continues to supply power until the mobile device's battery is fully charged or until the power bank's battery is depleted.
  6. Recharge or Disposal: After using the power bank to charge your mobile device, you can recharge the power bank again for future use. The process repeats each time you need to charge your mobile device.

It's worth noting that different power banks may have various features, such as multiple output ports, fast-charging capabilities, or wireless charging. However, the basic principle of transferring stored energy from the power bank's battery to the mobile device's battery remains the same.