How to request feedback from clients on Upwork?


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How to request feedback from clients on Upwork?

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Here are some steps to follow when requesting feedback from clients on Upwork:

  1. Complete the project: Ensure that you have completed the project as per the agreed terms and delivered the final outcome to the client. Make sure you have delivered high-quality work that meets their expectations.
  2. Send a message: Once the project is completed, send a polite and professional message to the client expressing your gratitude for their collaboration and emphasizing the importance of feedback to your profile and future work opportunities.
  3. Mention your work together: Remind the client about the details and goals of the project you worked on together. This will help refresh their memory when leaving feedback.
  4. Request feedback: Politely ask the client to provide feedback on your collaboration and the quality of the work you delivered. Be clear that their feedback is crucial for your professional growth and reputation on the platform.
  5. Suggest topics: If the client needs some guidance on what aspects to focus on, you can suggest specific areas such as communication, timeliness, adherence to requirements, or the quality of your work. This will make it easier for the client to provide feedback and ensure they cover relevant aspects.
  6. Provide instructions: If the client is unsure of how to leave feedback, you can guide them through the process. Explain that they can go to the "My Jobs" section, find the completed project, and click on the "Leave Feedback" button.
  7. Offer assistance: Let the client know that you are ready to address any concerns they may have and are open to discussing their experience further if necessary.
  8. Follow up: If you haven't received feedback after a reasonable amount of time, you can send a gentle follow-up message to remind the client. However, avoid being pushy or demanding.

Remember, always maintain a professional and respectful tone throughout the process. Engaging in open and transparent communication will help you establish a good rapport with your clients on Upwork and improve your chances of receiving positive feedback.